Workshop for the Community



  • Installation of sockets and switches;
  • Placement of light bulbs, ballasts and starters;
  • Installation of circuit breakers electrical panels;
  • Maintenance and restoration of furniture, doors, windows;
  • Hardware fittings (locks, hinges, handles);
  • Repair of domestic appliances (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners);
  • Assembly and gas recharge of air conditioners;
  • Interior and exterior paints;
  • Taps installation;
  • Stretch fastening;
  • Installation of curtain rod;
  • TV support installation;
  • Floor installation;
  • Animation (face painting, balloon modeling, juggling);
  • Babysitting;
  • Accompaniment in medical appointments, purchases and other daily routines of children, young adults and elderly;
  • Among other small repairs / services.

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