Workshop for the Community


The ADA in pursuit of a responsible social policy and with the concern to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of citizens in situations of social exclusion, especially in more vulnerable social groups.

Considering that there are situations of economic difficulty for certain families and functional difficulties that affect the quality of life of the elderly, especially due to problems related to home replacements or repairs and problems of isolation and/or solitude.

Thus, with the need to create immediate responses of social support to promote the well-being and the improvement of the quality of life of the poor and economically disadvantaged population. It was created through the one-off project of the Programa Escolhas “ProEmprego Jovem E5G”, promoted by the ADA and financed by the High Commissioner for Migration I.P., the Workshop for the Community, in the provision of services at home, through small repairs in the areas of carpentry, electricity, water, sewage, air conditioning, refrigeration, entertainment, leisure and babysitting services. These services will be provided by qualified young people and will be free of charge for low socio-economic situations and at low cost for other special situations, businesspeople, institutions and employers.

Services Provided


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